Blanket Weed Control

Blanket weed, duck weed, submerged weed, water lilies, reeds are just a few of the things our fully trained & insured staff can control by either biological, chemical, mechanical or manual methods.

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Blanket Weed Control

Remove algae and weeds quickly, restore the balance to your pond’s ecosystem.

Why do you need to control your aquatic weed 

When your pond is plagued by a substantial accumulation of aquatic weeds, immediate removal is essential. Uncontrolled growth can mar its appearance, forming unsightly mats and clusters on the surface, detracting from its natural beauty. Moreover, these large weeds can deplete oxygen levels and release excessive nutrients, disrupting water circulation and potentially threatening pond life.

But the consequences don’t end there. Unchecked weed growth can also jeopardise water flow, obstructing drains and waterways, and leading to stagnation or flooding. It’s crucial to address this problem promptly to maintain the integrity of your pond and surrounding areas.

Don’t let your pond suffer the consequences of uncontrolled aquatic weed growth any longer. Act now to restore its beauty, protect its inhabitants, and ensure proper water flow. Contact us today to efficiently and effectively remove the weeds and safeguard the health and aesthetics of your pond.


Our Process 

Banish the ugliness of algae outbreaks and unsightly weeds with our professional aquatic weed control services. We offer a range of effective methods, including biological, chemical, mechanical, and manual techniques, to control and eliminate blanket weed, duckweed, submerged weed, water lilies, reeds, and more.

Our proven treatments swiftly remove the majority of blanket weed, restoring your pond to a crystal-clear oasis in just three days.To address the root cause of blanket weed, our knowledgeable team can provide guidance on reducing feeding, upgrading filters, regular maintenance, and implementing water changes. These proactive measures help prevent future outbreaks and maintain a healthy pond environment.


After treatment, we recommend a thorough deep clean to ensure optimal cleanliness and the long-term health of your pond.

Act on your aquatic weed

Transform your pond’s appearance with our efficient aquatic weed control methods. Contact us now to witness the rapid improvement in your pond’s visual appeal. Enrich your pond’s ecosystem and enjoy a visually stunning water feature once again.

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Aqua Pond, Pond Cleaning, Pond Repair, Pond Maintenance