Pond Design and Construction

Wr can help you with your pond or water feature project. We can conduct the Project from start to finish or can supply and install the specialist equipment, butyl liner’s or grp sealing to filtration, pumps and individual features.

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Pond design and construction

Add an attractive allure to your garden with our innovative pond construction and design services

Why you need a specialist pond design and construction service

Whether you need a koi pond, goldfish pond, wildlife pond or dipping pond, it’s always best to have a specialist on standby. At Aqua Pond, from the first visit to the final switch on your filter system, we’re there to ensure you’re satisfied with a high quality design and a stunning pond constructed. 

Our in-house designers are masters in their field, easily converting your vision to concrete. With unparalleled knowledge and understanding of aesthetics, functionality and sustainability, they help create a masterpiece that compliments your preferences, surroundings and budget.

At Aqua Pond, our team ensures every aspect is built to the highest standards and is accurate, and with our ongoing support, we’ll always strive to ensure your pond stays in optimal condition for long after.  




Our process 

During the initial meeting, our dedicated in-house designer will meet with you to gain a deep understanding of your aspirations and requirements. Together, we’ll explore key factors such as the desired size, shape, marine life, lighting preferences, filtration needs, and any ornamental features you envision for your pond. This crucial consultation ensures that we capture your unique vision and tailor the design to align perfectly with your desires.

Following this, our team will diligently work on creating a scaled design that brings your vision to life. Through artist impressions and meticulous attention to detail, we’ll present you with a comprehensive design proposal showcasing your future pond’s beauty and functionality. Alongside the design, we will provide you with a final quotation, ensuring complete transparency.

Should you choose to proceed with our services, we will begin the construction process. From excavation to the final installation of the pump and filtration system, our experienced team will guide you every step of the way. We prioritise communication and will keep you informed throughout the entire construction process. 

Talk with our team

Save your time finding and looking for a qualified pond architect online by talking to us. With both an in-house designer and construction services, we streamline your requirements to create a captivating design or construction of a pond for you. 

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