Garden Water Feature

Maybe you don’t have the space for a pond or just want to hear the sound of running water in your garden.

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Garden Water Feature

Induce a sense of relaxation in your private outdoor space with gorgeous garden water features. 

Why garden water features are great

If you don’t have enough room for a pond or just want a water feature for your garden, then adding one can be a fantastic focal point. Garden water features elevate the aesthetics of your garden, infusing a sense of sophistication.

The sound of flowing water can provide a tropical and calming effect to your mind, inducing relaxation and ambience. Plus, bespoke garden water features can raise your property’s value and curb appeal. 


Our process 

Our unique garden water feature service offers tailored designs and installations based on your preferences and available space. For contemporary gardens, we specialize in creating bespoke stainless steel features exclusive to you, adding a modern touch.

If you desire a secluded corner with a lush tropical feel, we can install a stunning monolith surrounded by carefully chosen plantings. The flowing water will enhance the colours of the monolith, available in various stones like slate, quartz, marble, granite, and even semi-precious options.

For formal gardens, our clean and straight-lined rills are a perfect addition. These narrow water channels can be constructed using durable materials like Butyl/SealEco liners or fibreglass, adding an elegant touch to your garden design.

In well-established gardens, a unique driftwood piece can be incorporated, becoming a natural focal point as it blends with the existing planting scheme, adorned with moss over time.

For larger lakes lacking a standout feature, our fountains with captivating spray patterns and submerged lights can create a truly awe-inspiring spectacle, delivering the wow factor you desire. If you prefer a smaller option, our self-contained pebble pools can be placed on your patio, providing a soothing sound of water as you enjoy the great British summer weather.

No matter your vision, we meet with you to understand your requirements and supply stunning water features for your garden.

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Add allure to your garden with our state of the art garden water features. Whether you want premade or bespoke features to suit your space, we can help.

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