Pond maintenance and cleaning 

Captivate others with crystal clean waters and elevate your pond’s ecosystem with our pond cleaning service in Bedfordshire.

Pond filtration systems

Ensure your ponds internal environment stays balanced with market leading pond filtration systems.

Pond design and construction

Add to your gardens aesthetic with our stunning pond construction and design services


Pond liner replacement

Save your ponds water levels and keep it in optimum condition with our pond liner replacement services. 

Pond weed control

Keep your pond looking clean, healthy and fish friendly with our aquatic weed control services.

Pond waterfalls

Add a trickling sense of tranquillity to your pond with a waterfall.

Pond features  

Create an ambient and serene space with our stunning pond features.

Pond maintenance services 

Transform your pond into a thriving ecosystem with our exceptional pond maintenance and cleaning services in the UK. We specialize in providing reliable and dedicated care for your precious aquatic environment.


With our comprehensive pond cleaning service, we go beyond mere aesthetics. We ensure that your pond not only looks stunning but also maintains a healthy environment for its marine life. Our team of experts is well-versed in pond maintenance, utilising proven techniques to deliver outstanding results.

Aqua Pond, Pond Cleaning, Pond Repair, Pond Maintenance
Aqua Pond, Pond Cleaning, Pond Repair, Pond Maintenance

If your pond requires a deep clean, we offer pond hoovering services to remove debris and restore its pristine condition. Whether you own a private pond or require our services for your business, we cater to both individual and commercial pond maintenance contracts.

Your pond’s cleanliness and health are our top priorities. With our expertise, you can trust us to keep your pond in optimal condition. Say goodbye to murky waters and welcome a clear, vibrant pond that enhances the beauty of your surroundings.

Aqua Pond, Pond Cleaning, Pond Repair, Pond Maintenance


About us

At Aqua Pond, we’re your prime partner in building breathtaking ponds, sustaining their health and installing artistic features for them. With extensive experience spanning over three decades, we specialise in pond design, building, installation, and pond maintenance in Bedfordshire and within a 15 miles radius.

Pond Liner Replacement

Remove the risk of your pond leaking and keep its water levels healthy. With our reliable pond replacement services, your pond will remain functional and efficient, stopping any disbalance in its ecosystem. Regardless of your pond size or type, we will work with you to provide an efficient solution to ensure your pond liner is replaced effectively and back to its optimal condition. Contact us today for top-notch pond liner replacement services in the UK.

Aqua Pond, Pond Cleaning, Pond Repair, Pond Maintenance
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