Why pond maintenance is essential 

Whether you have a corporate pond, school pond, garden pond or any size, all of them require maintenance every 5-10 years based on their size. Due to the different types of weather Britain has, dirt, debris, algae, and a foul smelling toxic odour can accumulate quickly. This can easily strain your filter, harm your ornamental features and decrease the lifespan of any marine life you have in your pond

Soon enough, your aquatic oasis can turn into a hazardous environment for your fish, depriving them of light and oxygen. Don’t let these issues disbalance your pond’s ecosystem. With our comprehensive pond cleaning services, premium grade pond cleaning equipment and extensive experience, we ensure your pond’s longevity will flourish with Anthony and his team. 

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Our pond cleaning process 

Pond maintenance and cleaning is not a one size fits all process. Ultimately it depends on the size of your pond, structure, inhabitants and location. After an initial inspection, we’ll work with you to provide a customised cleaning process that preserves the health of your pond for as long as possible. 

We also offer pond hoovering cleaning services and cater to private and business pond maintenance contracts. With cutting edge pond cleaning equipment, we strive to provide you with a total restoration, often within 24-72 hours. 


Steps to securing a healthy pond

Generally, our comprehensive clean consists of:

  • Draining the pond/water feature fully
  • Placing all fish/wildlife into an aerated holding tank
  • Cleaning the pond liner using a power washer
  • Removing all debris/sludge from the pond by vacuuming out 
  • Removing excess vegetation if required
  • Cleaning the pond filter
  • Cleaning the pond pump
  • Changing the UV bulb (If needed and requested)
  • Cleaning the quartz sleeve (If needed and requested)
  • Carrying out any repairs if needed
  • Refilling the pond with water from the pond and topped up with tap water.
  • Treatments added-dechlorinator and bacteria to start the filter.
  • Restarting the system as a back up
  • Reinstalling the Fish & Wildlife