5 benefits of having a filter and UV on a pond

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5 benefits of having a filter and UV on a pond

If you own a pond, you’ll want to ensure that it’s in tip top shape throughout the year. While you can do a lot of things yourself, like removing debris and algae, controlling weeds, topping up the water, replacing the pond liner and more, you might want to consider getting a filter and a UV system.

A good pond filter can go a long way to helping your pond become crystal clear, healthy for your fish and aesthetically pleasing for your garden.

But you don’t want to just get any filter, though; you’ll want one that has a UV light. UV systems have a multitude of advantages for your pong. To know more about them and their benefits, keep on reading. 

What is a UV system? 

A UV system comes in different sizes and capacities. They mainly utilize UV light to help sterilize or clarify bacteria and microorganisms and eliminate green water algae from your pond. 

UV lights work by destroying DNA in algae, killing them and causing them to clump together. Once the algae clump together, it’s easier for them to be removed from the water. A UV system is often integrated with a pond filter kit allowing your pond to have sufficient circulation and making your pond easier to clean

5 Advantages of filter and UV on a pond 

When it comes to having a pond filtration system, there are a lot more benefits that you may realize. Here are some of the main advantages: 

  1. Water quality 

Having a pond with a UV filter helps enhance the water quality. It allows you to remove debris, particles and nutrients from the water. It also helps trap any uneaten fish food, sediment and more, stopping your water from going cloudy.

2. Cost efficient

At first, having a pond filter and UV light might be expensive and a little more than you’d normally pay. However, past that, they can save you a lot of costs in the long run. Simply by improving the quality of your pond’s water and reducing the risk of diseases, you’ll likely spend less on specific chemical treatments and medications in the future. 

3. Elevated oxygen levels

Filtration systems encourage aeration allowing your water to have more oxygen levels. If you have fish, aquatic life and plants in your pond, this is essential as it can help their vitality and respiration. 

4. Less maintenance

Simply having a good filter can reduce the time needed to clean your pond by hand. It can help remove any debris, contaminants and more, stopping sludge from accumulating in your pond. 

5. Cuts down on excess nutrients 

A good water filter and UV system help reduce toxins like ammonia and nitrate, especially if the excess has accumulated. As a result, creating a healthier environment for healthy bacteria, plants and fish. 


Overall, there are a lot of benefits to having a filter and UV system for your pond. A good pond filter and UV light can save you a lot of money and maintenance headaches in the long run. 

To know more about pond filtration systems and their benefits, speak to Anthony. With over 30 years of experience fitting them and connecting his clients to suppliers, he can advise the right one for your garden. Reach out to him today for his expert advice.